Sunday, 8 October 2017

End Of The Month


An evening walk produced 2 partridges behind the Sportsman on the track out to the road, they were distant and flying away so no proper ID..


On the 28th at SS I counted 518 brents in front of the pumping station, the plots seemed empty apart 1 stonechat, 1 ketrel, 1 cetti's, 1 pheasant and 2 coots plus 2 chiffs which were actually in the pumping station compound.


A trip to Oare for photography, mornings are a waste of time, light in the wrong place but I still had a go at the avocets.

Kingfishers at Grove

24th Oct

I spent a couple of days visiting Grove trying to get some kingfisher shots, patience is what's needed. However, success was achieved eventually with two of them flying about together sometimes. A couple of great white egrets also put in an appearance plus two green sandpipers.

Sunny Seasalter

21st Oct.

I first had a look around the plots finding a pair of stonechats, 1 little grebe (not seen for sometime), very little else except the usual magpies, crows, starlings plus 6 coots, very quiet for small birds. Butterflies were only represented by 1 small white and 1 small heath. Odonata included a couple of migrant hawkers and several common darters.

Along the seafront, stacks of gulls moving west and on the mudflats 4 Sandwich terns were sitting quietly along with oystercatchers, 1 egret fishing in the tidal pools, curlew, 1 bar-tailed godwit and a couple of grey plovers. In front of the YC the c.100 plus flock of golden plover were still in residence before the incoming tide made them move to off to dryer areas. On the 'barge' and scattered over the sea were c.125 cormorants.

On the LNR,  c.90 linnets and a few goldfinches and later on a flock of c.30 house martins and 2 swallows were flying west. Returning home a quick stop by the Ski Club revealed c.40 ringed plovers and 11 turnstones.


Just out for a short evening walk I was rewarded seeing a black redstart on the seawall close to the Sportsman.


Another trip to SS but no sign of the black redstart however, amidst the mixed flock of c.150 linnets and goldfinches was a single wheatear.  Meadow pipits seemed to have swelled their numbers with at least 12 by the chalets plus a few swallows and reed buntings. Further on the brent flock had increased to 124 with no juveniles.

Reed Bunting

Monday, 25 September 2017

Osprey at Last

20th Sept

Another visit to Oare and maybe see the osprey that's been hanging about for nearly four weeks. As I approached the reserve by the two sharp bends a merlin took off from the ploughed/raked field, at first I thought it was a mistle thrush.
From the layby I saw 4 curlew sandpipers, dunlin, golden plovers blackwits etc. Then my first view of the osprey, some distance to the south west where there are some fish ponds I was told. It appeared again later in the same area then disappeared again before coming into view again this time flying over the eastern scrape then off down the creek.


I saw the osprey again as I drove home, stopping by Oare church seeing the bird circling low overhead then it disappeared west again towards the fish pond maybe.

Seasalter Trek and Dungeness

Sat. 16th Sept

I had a good wander around the area this morning starting at SS Lane where it was disappointing with just a few blue tits, pigeons, kestrel, magpies etc.. I didn't persevere and moved along to the seafront checking out the high tide roost finding c.125 ringed plovers and c.30 turnstones on the 'oyster barge'.  On the plots the usual birds inc. 1 cetti's, c.700 starlings, 4 chiffs, 5 common whitethroats, c.15 blue tits, 1 blackcap, 1 sedge warbler, 2 lesser whitethroats and 14 curlew on the football  field.

Onto the Sportsman and the LNR seeing the old lonesome rook that has been a visitor here for several years, once bring a mate. A nice flock of c.100 goldfinches and c.50 linnets were around the huts along with a stonechat etc.. I walked up to the white post seeing 2 wigeon flying west, 19 black-tailed godwits, 1 whimbrel calling as it flew past and on my return I counted 36 crows on the pasture just west of the Sportsman. 


I went to Dungeness first stopping at the ARC where 4 great white egrets were flying about. Other birds seen were, 3 little stints, 8 knot, dunlin and a host of other birds. I then went to the RSPB reserve where the new work on lifting/raising the islands had left them just piles of sand covered with vehicle tracks, hardly any birds. Had enough and went home!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kingfishers are Back at Seasalter


A change of scenery led me to Grove Ferry where after a longish wait the kingfisher put in a short appearance but the perch is now surrounded by vegetation which makes the bird turn its back to the hide as it looks further out into the water to seek prey. However, I managed a few poor shots.

On the walk back a comma was sitting high up on a branch sunning itself but not placed well for a photo.


A very short visit to SS, it was blowing like hell and not to my liking but a look over the pumping station dyke revealed a kingfisher and driving up to the Sportsman PH I noticed the rook was back on the seawall near the YC. After to that it was back to more homely comforts.


Seasalter again and I counted 260 ringed plovers on the high tide beach roost, remarkable that no one came along the beach to flush them. I then had another look for the chats but only saw one of each plus a couple of kestrels.


This morning I was again at SS but just messing with the camera but saw a big flock of tatty goldfinches and linnets plus a buzzard. One other thing I saw was a small hovercraft, most unusual,  to where did all that engineering disappear?


Nearly up to date!

Seasalter Chats.

9th September

Another visit to Seasalter and a walk around the plots which were very quiet, I didn't stop long but saw a whitethroat, coot, quite a few starlings which were tracking west plus a sparrowhawk flew out of the big tree just over the bridge, just managed a grab shot. A few swallows, 2 blackbirds, crows, wood pigeons all put in an appearance plus I could just make out a chiffchaff calling, also a couple of common darters were on the path. Back by the car, 9 linnets flew out of the NRA compound onto the beach.

 Common Darter

 Little Egret



Onto the Sportsman area where as I was getting out of the car I thought I saw the osprey flying away westwards, long wings and soaring, not a marsh harrier but only saw as it flew away so not conclusive. Along the wall near the white post 2 wheatears and 2 wheatears were feeding in the cut grass and not coming onto the wall much.


A return visit to photograph the chats again and a hobby put in a surprise flyby.